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It It is rare in today's home building industry to find a company with such a treasured history as McNulty Construction Company.

Over one hundred years ago, James A. McNulty began in the construction business here in Minnesota. Through the years, members of the McNulty family have overseen operations of this long-standing family run building company.

Robert James McNulty founded McNulty Construction Company in the 1940s and his sons, Jim and Tim McNulty, continued to oversee the family business through 2023 and into 2024 when Jim McNulty made the decision to cease active building operations.

Jim McNulty continues to be retained as building and development consultant and owner’s agent. He enjoys his continuing work as a mediator and arbitrator for construction and real estate disputes.

We would like to acknowledge some of the many dedicated employees, who significantly contributed to the success of the Company over the years:

Margert Lien                    Bookkeeper 45 years
Rodney Holmberg            Field Superintendent 45 years
Wayne Dvorak                Carpenter & Foreman 17 years
Willy Vetsch                    Carpenter & Superintendent 40 years
Larry Sharpe                  Estimator & Project Manager 40 years
Jack Duda                      Carpenter & Superintendent 40 years
Deborah Schutte            Bookkeeper 35 years
Dale Braddock                Engineer & Project Manager 40 years
Liam (Bill) Harper            Engineer & Project Manager 20 years
John Gill                        Lead Painter and Foreman 30 years
Frank Patee                   Architect 30 years













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